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    Holding Space Workshops

    Some experiences of participants who have followed the Holding Space workshop both in-company and during open registration:“I have experienced what Holding Space does with me and in contact with others. Magic!”
    “It was very…

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Because I noticed that it is very useful to get tools you can use directly (I often get the question “Annelies, how did you do that?”), I developed a workshop on this subject. Creating Holding Space for others, but also for yourself, is central.

Because how do you get a setting in which the other really feels seen and heard and dares to look beyond his or her own boundaries? If you want to offer Holding Space, it requires self-awareness, listening with an open heart and the ability to give space for investigation, wonder and trust. The goal is to give the other unconditional support without judgment. The workshop gives you tools to be a strong "Space Holder" and insight into your possible (systemic) patterns that prevent you from doing so.

Key take-aways

  • The significance of Holding Space and Brave Space in change.
  • How you can organize Holding Space for yourself as a manager, professional or coach, or within your private life?
  • How can you create Holding Space in your team, your organization or during an important conversation, an important meeting?
  • What are your obstacles or patterns to be able to offer Holding Space?

Annelies Meijers is a business administrator and experienced systemic team coach and organization draftsman and also a developer of various team tools. She is enthusiastic about "making the invisible visible" and the unraveling of complex dynamics. In a person, but especially within teams and organizations. She does this in a creative and energetic way with an eye for the entire system, so that the first step towards movement and development can then be taken.

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Reactions from participants of this workshop

A senior publisher:
"Active" workshop: lots of personal input, lots of practical exercises. "

A Strategic Government Innovation Advisor:
"I thought the exercises were very good and gave me a lot of insight."

A Managing Consultant:
“I am still enjoying Friday. Yesterday I shared my experiences with my colleague and how special the system dynamics worked within the group. Bringing my grandparents with me was a real eye opener. I actually knew it, but still. My experience with having a conversation and the place where you sit still resonates so much and is so applicable to me. I am immediately exploring other positions in the office during consultation. Very funny how this works. ”

A senior financial advisor:
“I am very happy that I was able to participate in this day. It provides new insights and handles on how certain conversations can be conducted more easily if you place your parents behind you. ”

Eveline van Densen, coach:
“I thought it was a great workshop, which helped me a lot both in business and in private life and because I just thought it was a very nice and inspiring day :-) I found it very varied, which ensured that I remained energetic (I can sometimes also come completely empty from a workshop or training ...). The Holding Space workshop is an example of a workshop in which you get back into the car afterwards with a good, satisfied and energetic feeling, and many insights richer. ”

The Holding Space workshop is rated with an average of 8.

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